January 20, 2016

Artist Profile: Javier Gonzalez

When you scroll through Javier Gonzalez's Instagram feed you will find that it's filled with squares of bright colors, bold lines, and odd angles. It is through those minimal compositions that he captures the details of his everyday life. He takes the ordinary - drainage pipes along the side of a building, windows on the side of a neighborhood house, or the unruly greenery that crawls along walls and below windows - and magnifies it, turning it into art. He does this in such a way that it reminds us to pay closer attention to the beauty that already surrounds us.   

Read on to learn more about Gonzalez's work and influences. 

What are some of the influences of your work and artistic practices?

My work is influenced by many different sources. I’d say a huge influence comes from my daily life. My Mexican heritage has truly shaped the way I see and interact with the world around me and has been a constant source of inspiration. Other influences come from the people I surround myself and those that I meet whom share the same interests or passion. 

My artistic practices have had a huge influence by social media, Instagram to be exact. With the ability to share my work in real time I’ve been able to create work as I go. A great amount of my work is done as I go through my daily routines. 

What drives you as an artist? What are you passionate about that you’re able to express through your art?

As an artist I am driven by the ability to share my perspective with the rest of the world.
I aim to challenge what is photography and explore the medium further beyond what is commonly perceived as Art Photography. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes in many forms. It comes from spending time with my family, walking around my neighborhood, or even when I'm at work. I find that living is the biggest source of inspiration. 

In 2015, Gonzalez was selected by the National Park Association to take part in a week-long expedition trip to Mesa Verde National Park. He shared his unique experience with the rest of the world through different social media outlets. You can read more about that experience on his blog.

Gonzalez will be the featured artist at Provenance Gallery in February. Stop by the opening reception on February 13th to see some of his recent work. You can see more of his photography by visiting his website at www.javiglzphotography.com or his Instagram account - @javi_glz