January 15, 2017


Provenance Gallery is pleased to present, File>Save For Web, an exhibition featuring the work of digital artist, Acidwinzip. 
Opening Reception: Second Saturday, January 14th, 7pm - 10pm 
Exhibition on View until January 27th, by appointment 
Her digital collages are inspired by nostalgia, Internet culture, Religion, and Art History and are comprised of computer-generated images and other elements, cut and pasted onto a digital canvas. The work is mostly a humorous take on modern internet consumer culture, our obsession with nostalgia and the internet persona. It explores the contrast of traditional art -vs- modern computer-generated art and remixing the two to create something new. 

This series of digital collages was developed over the past year and was primarily made for online viewing through the artist’s Instagram feed. This exhibition is the first time the collages will be displayed off-line and the artist, who until now has remained anonymous, will reveal her identity for the first time. 

Acidwinzip is a multimedia project developed by artist Ursula Zavala with works in digital and video art. Acidwinzip began November 2015 as a personal Instagram art project. She has remained mostly anonymous up until this point in an attempt to let her work to speak for itself and obtain its own identity or “persona.”

She has worked on numerous art collaborations with other digital artists who share her vision for internet-inspired art. She recently made the shift to video and has created animated versions of her usually static images, sometimes adding music submitted by musicians.

Zavala was born and raised in San Antonio’s South Side. She studied Fine Arts at San Antonio College and Our Lady of the Lake University. She currently works as the second half of a local freelance company called VLH Illustration + Design. She is available for commissions and artists collaborations. 

Artist’s Website: www.acidwinzip.tumblr.com