March 14, 2015

Parallels | Hello Studio

View of Cande Aguilar's Untitled 6 (left) and Christie Blizzard's Without You I Have No Mirror (right). Photo By Stephanie Torres. 
Hello Studio’s exhibition for Contemporary Art Month, Parallels, highlights several artists whose work is similar in its non-representational style, yet varied in how each explores color, line, shape and composition.
The painterly abstraction of artists Cande Aguilar, Jorge Puron, and Sarah Frey is driven by an expressive use of color and dynamic mark-making, while works on paper by Jennifer Sanchez and Xochi Solis explore a more subtle approach in their use of vivid color and layered textures. Casey Deming and Kristy Perez focus on shape and line with their minimalism and muted palettes.

Overall, the show is a visually stimulating experience: bringing together emerging artists whose work reflects the expressive nature of these basic design elements on an intimate scale.

Parallels exhibition currently on view at Hello Studio. Photo By Stephanie Torres. 
View of works by Jennifer Sanchez (left) and Sarah C. Frey (right) 

Sarah C. Frey, Studio Apt. Photo By Stephanie Torres

Kristy Perez, Wabi-Sabi Series 1 - 10. Photo by Stephanie Torres
View of collages by Xochi Solis. Photo By Stephanie Torres